handson bay area impact grants

HandsOn Bay Area Impact Grants

HandsOn Bay Area Impact Grants are awarded to local nonprofits on behalf of our outstanding volunteers. Each June and December, three winners will be given the opportunity to choose a recipient organization.

Winners will be selected by the following criteria:

volunteer hero impact grantVolunteer Hero $500

Volunteer with most volunteer hours from January - June or July - December

project leader impact grantProject Leader $350

Project Leader who led the most volunteer projects from January - June or July - December

youth rising impact grantYouth Rising $150

Youth volunteer (17 and under) that logged the most volunteer hours from January - June or July - December

Impact Grant Winners Spring 2018


Aimee Montague • Volunteer Hero $500

Aimee has recorded over 75 hours since January!

Recipient Organization: Project Open Hand: Downtown Senior Center

Florence Bass • Project Leader $350 

Florence regularly leads three different calendar projects every month!

Recipient Organization: The Lace Museum

Why do you support The Lace Museum

“Tucked away on Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale is The Lace Museum (TLM) - a small museum dedicated to preserving the history and art of lace making. While I do not make lace, I have always done handcrafts as a way to unwind after a long day at the computer. After I retired from Oracle, I started volunteering with TLM (utilizing my database skills!). TLM is staffed entirely by volunteers and supported by donations and sales from the gift shop (so no big benefactor or corporate funding).  Selecting TLM to receive this Impact Grant would be my small way of supporting the museum’s efforts to keep the history and art of lace making alive in today’s high tech world.”

Why do you volunteer?

Working at TLM gives me my "tech" fix while providing them with needed computer work. A win-win on both sides!

minh nguyen handson bay area impact grants winnerMinh Nguyen • Youth Rising $150

This is Minh’s second time winning the Youth Rising Impact Grant. She is a rockstar volunteer!

Recipient Organization: Martin de Porres House of Hospitality

Why do you support Martin de Porres?

"I chose Martin de Porres because it prevents hunger for many homeless people. Here, people are so caring and passionate about what they do. They inspired me to give and to always take action for the community."

Why do you volunteer?

"I think that volunteering is a great chance for me to give back to the community. Through the organization, I learned many things outside of class, and also have had chances to meet many wonderful people that inspired me to do more."

Impact Grant Winners Winter 2017

Roberto Sagredo • Volunteer Hero $500

Recipient Organization: GLIDE

Vivien Wang • Project Leader $350

Recipient Organization: Project Open Hand

Minh Nguyen • Youth Rising $150

Recipient Organization: Martin de Porres House of Hospitality


Impact Grant Winners Spring 2017

Shae Hughes • Volunteer Hero $500

Recipient Organization: The Bay Area Crisis Nursery

Felix Mikhalkov • Project Leader $350

Recipient Organization: San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Syringe Access Program

Victor Manalac • Youth Rising $150

Recipient Organization: The Almost Eden Garden Project



Please contact Volunteer Services and Community Relations Manager Elena Noyes at elena@handsonbayarea.org.