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Beginning in 2007, HandsOn Leadership has trained and equipped dozens of community-minded people to be the change they wish to see in the world. Meet our past teams below, and be sure to join our Alumni group for ongoing updates and opportunities.


East Bay

San Francisco

Silicon Valley



San Francisco:

Samantha Akwei

Anitra Appa

Caroline Cha

Felix Deng

Sam Kahn

Iris Lin

Omid Mashhadi

Stephanie Corns

Adrienne Suzio

Melodie Tsai

Sinclair Wu


Silicon Valley:

Amy Cho

Stacy Clinton

Michelle Fang

Chirag Mahapatra

Alyssa Moore

Sam Mukherjee

Gonzalo Solis



San Francisco:

Sarah Azizi

Shannon Gordhamer

Christina Kuo

Beth Montroy

Chris Morosini

Wafaa Sabil

Rachel Sampson

Julie Smith

Madeline Stilley

Matt Tesarfreund

Ceylan Thomson

Brittney White

Yongyi Xie


Silicon Valley:
Andrea Diaz

Jennifer Gonzales

Sooeun Tiffany Kim

Ron Kleinman

Gowri Krishnamurthy

Helena Lacroix

Viktor Passinsky

Hengameh Vahabzadeh

Eric Max Wang



Michelle Fox

Brian Mattos

Helen Wei

Danielle Lynch

Corey Cameron

Shane Zhao

Laura Van Tassel

Shih-Jeff Chen

Sushini Chand


More info on past teams coming soon!