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When I try to sign up for a project, it says I need to complete the orientation. What do I to do?

Please e-mail us at and we will get your account activated.

How do I sign-up a group?


If your group is interested in volunteering on an ongoing basis, we recommend that each group member makes an individual account. This saves you time and helps our nonprofit partners know how many volunteers to expect. 

If your group is interested in a project and you have more volunteers than the project max, please email For a one-time $50 group sign up fee, we can assist you and your team to get signed up and to coordinate with the agency partner for the extra volunteers that they can expect. If the project on the calendar can accomodate the number of volunteers you have, then you can avoid the group sign up fee by having each volunteer log on and create a calendar account and sign up for the project!

If you have any additional questions you may e-mail

How can children volunteer? Do they need an account?

We love when kids and teenagers get involved and give back! 

All volunteers over the age of 13 should create an account. This allows us to have a more accurate headcount and allows you to track your volunteer hours for future applications and scholarships! Next, use our Community Calendar to search for projects where you or your child meet the age requirement. 

If a parent or guardian is required to attend with the minor, they will not be able to sign-up under their own account. Instead, a parent can sign them up by providing their name, birthdate, and registered email in the sign-up confirmation page. We will be sure to sign you up! 

If you are 13 or younger, a parent can sign you up as a guest in the sign-up confirmation page.

How do I get proof that I've volunteered?

For quick reference of all your volunteer hours, log in to your HandsOn Bay Area account, click on “My Account” and you will see your volunteer history listed. Please note that attendance is done manually, so allow Project Leaders at least 2-3 business days to complete your verifications.

Depending on your need, you can also get proof of your service in the following ways:

  • If you need your hours to be signed off on a log, our Project Leader can sign a volunteer hours form for your school or court-ordered service at the project site.
  • If you need a verification letter with our letterhead, contact us ONLY after you've completed your hours and we can send you the letter. Please allow 3-5 business days for all requests.


I need to cancel. What should I do?

It's OK, we won't hold it against you. Please make sure to remove yourself from the project as soon as you know, so you leave space for another volunteer to step in. Log in to HandsOn Bay Area and click on "My Account." Find the project you cannot attend and click “Remove Me.” If it's the day of the project, please also e-mail, call or text your Project Leader so they know not to expect you.

How do I become a Project Leader?

Project Leaders help us coordinate all of the volunteer opportunities on our Calendar. To become a Project Leader, you must attend at least three HandsOn Bay Area projects. You can then fill out our Project Leader Application. For more information, visit our Project Leader page.

How do I volunteer with my co-workers?

HandsOn Bay Area has many ways to volunteer with your company:

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