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Service Unites

Our communities are hurting. The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, David McAtee, Breonna Taylor among countless others have hit us all with immense grief, frustration, and a sense of helplessness against the centuries-deep impact of racism on our country. We’re struck with the same questions our community members have on how to take action, show up for one another, and protect our loved ones. The violent images we’ve all seen at this point depict a world in which the lives of our black neighbors, friends, and families do not matter. As a result, the historic uprising we are now witnessing forces the more privileged among us out of complacency and into a dialogue to put in work to end the terrible influence that racism has on every facet of our society.

We stand in solidarity with everyone out there defiantly, confidently, proudly proclaiming that Black Lives Matter.

Our mission of “People Helping People” is one that is meant to be simple. You see an issue affecting your community, you identify an opportunity for change, and you get involved. We still firmly believe that simple acts of service have the power to unite communities, bridge gaps, and develop empathy for the more vulnerable among us, but we also recognize that our mission is not as simple as it may seem. Whether you are exercising your green thumb in a park, painting the walls of low-income housing units, or helping a fellow human break down the barriers that keep them from employment, no volunteer work is complete without a social justice lens that acknowledges the deep-seeded effect that Racism has on every one of these issue areas. For this reason, we accept the responsibility to learn, educate, give and do more. We implore all of our community members to join us on this mission as you define your own path towards being actively anti racist. We’ve compiled a few resources below for us to begin this work. It is not complete, but this is where we’ll start.

Connect Nationally:

Black Lives Matter

Read the official statement of our network leader, Points of Light

Give more:

Anti Police Terror Project

Silicon Valley DSA Bail Fund

Black Earth Farms

Support Black-Owned Restaurants

Learn more:

Anti-Racist Reading List from USA Today

E-Book - "Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? - Police Violence and Resistance in the United States" - Haymarket Books is providing FREE downloads of the book through June 5th.

Do more:

Please visit the websites of our partners working for Racial Justice. Volunteer or donate when you can.

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Acta Non Verba Youth Urban Farm Project

Sacred Heart Community Service

Hunters Point Family

African American Community Services Agency

Support the Grassroots Law Project - a team of grassroots organizers and legal experts committed to transforming the American criminal legal system - volunteer and donate to this growing project.