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handson bay area focus skills-based volunteering

Focus: skills-based volunteering

HandsOn Bay Area’s innovative Focus program is one-of-a-kind in its approach to short term, skills-based volunteering. During this immersive one-week program, teams of skilled corporate volunteers work with established social sector and non-profit partners to help deliver their mission with greater ease and impact.

In recent years, the program has had great success in improving the infrastructure of our community partners, while also providing a space for employee leaders to apply and develop their project management skills outside of their normal work environment. 

Watch how HandsOn Bay Area helps Google focus their skills into volunteer service:


handson bay area focus programHow it works

  • After determining the unique skill set of your employees, HandsOn Bay Area scopes projects through our vast network of Bay Area agencies to find partners who can best benefit from your employee support. HandsOn Bay Area will customize your program to focus on issues and causes that your company supports, such as the environment, education, economic development, etc. 

  • We support your internal volunteer recruitment and facilitate project assignments.

  • Through a specialized kick-off session and extensive project development, HandsOn Bay Area prepares and supports both the agency partners and your volunteers on how to effectively use their time throughout the entirety of the engagement. 

  • Once the week has concluded, HandsOn Bay Area staff facilitates debrief sessions with volunteers and agency partners to evaluate the impact and grow the partnership for future engagements.

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Robyn Hoppes 
Director of Corporate Relations