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Youth Leader Applicant Information

*Please note that this section is to be completed by the teenager themselves.

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In submitting this application, you are indicating a commitment, if selected, to participate in the full two-week program. You are also indicating your willingness to serve your community with what you learn. Lastly, by submitting this application, you confirm that the information in this application is true in all respects.

Parent/Guardian Information

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Program Enrollment Fee

If accepted to the program, there is an enrollment fee of $1,399, but a handful of need-based scholarships are available!

Payments for the program can be made by credit card through our website either in one full payment or by the following installment plan:

(1) 1 nonrefundable** deposit of $349.75 upon acceptance into the program to hold a spot.

(2) 1st payment of $349.75 by May 16th

(3) 2nd payment of $349.75 by June 2nd

(4) 3rd payment  of $349.50 (final payment) by June 12th

**Refundable only in cases of emergency

If your student is accepted, which payment option are you interested in?

Do you wish to fill out an application for a need-based scholarship?

HandsOn Tomorrow 2024 Application

HandsOn Tomorrow is a summer leadership and volunteering program for high school students. Participants develop critical leadership skills with fun, hands-on activities while exploring specific challenges facing their communities.

The Summer 2024 program is fully in-person. Students will attend a 2-week cohort M-F (9 am - 3 pm) at our to-be-determined community partner sites. Note: the final Saturday of the program is a ‘Friends & Family Day’, where the cohort will invite their friends and family to contribute to a service project they planned. 

Submit your application by May 17, 2024. We review applications on a rolling basis. Gift card raffle for youth applying before March 31st!!



Cohorts offered:

  • (East Bay) ---------------- June 3rd - June 15th
  • (San Jose) ---------------- June 17th - June 29th
  • (Palo Alto) ----------------- July 8th - July 20th
  • (San Francisco) --------- July 22nd - Aug 3rd


*Please note that the first sections of the application are to be completed by the teenager themselves. Parents/Guardians fill out the information under the “Parents/Guardian Information” section (indication for need-based scholarships is at the end of the application).


More information and a program schedule example here 

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