Organization Profile

San Francisco Unified School District - Bret Harte Elementary School


Bret Harte is within walking distance of Candlestick Cove State Reserve Shoreline and 3Com Stadium. This school prides itself on its beautiful campus which features California native plants and vegetable gardens. The students participate in service learning and outdoor education projects in the gardens. There is a diverse student body (K - 5) which provides an opportunity for the students to learn about the richness of many cultures. The curriculum and programs are designed to challenge the learner academically and enhance character, values, and aspirations. English Plus for Spanish speakers, English Language Development, and the IRISE (Infusing Responsibility for the Intellectual and Scholastic Excellence) Program are offered. The school is a member of the Bayview Hunter's Point Healthy Start Collaborative that provides the school with a nurse, social worker, counselor, and family outreach worker. A strong Outdoor Education program provides restoration projects and self-confidence building experiences such as the Bayview Hill Restoration Project. African-American 50%; Asian, 11%, Hispanic 29%

San Francisco, CA, 94124