Organization Profile

Briarwood Elementary is located on a 12-acre well-maintained campus between Lawrence Expressway and San Thomas Expressway near Cabrillo Avenue. It is on the west side of Santa Clara and is surrounded by private homes, apartment buildings, Machado Park, and a large playing field. There are 24 classrooms which house grades K-5 and special programs which include counseling, English Language Development, Gifted and Talented, speech and language, special education, extended day care, a pre-school, a library and a computer lab. It is the intent of all programs to provide the best possible learning opportunities for all students. The population of 387 students represents the diverse cultures that enrich our school community. Students are provided a high quality, meaning-centered curriculum. The staff engages in continuous training in all areas in order to address the school's highest priorities, which are: strengthening the basic skills, improving instruction in science, language arts and technology, and creating and maintaining a community of enthusiastic, successful learners.

Children & Youth Education
Santa Clara, CA, 95051