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Mary Elizabeth Inn


In 1914 the Mary Elizabeth Inn was founded by Mrs. Lizzie Snyder Glide. As a woman of vision, Lizzie also built Glide Memorial United Methodist Church. Lizzie's legacy has provided a safe haven for women and her commitment to the community is still evident today. The Mary Elizabeth Inn (MEI) is a non-profit organization with a 95 year history of providing housing and support services to low-income women. Their vision is that women across all life's stages are empowered to achieve self-sufficiency, independence and security. One of two women-only SRO facilities in SF, The Verona is a 65 unit single room occupancy building that was built in 1910. The five floors of this charming old building need to be brightened up for the female residents. Volunteers will be painting and priming hallway walls and helping organize the facilities bright but cluttered basement. Activity Level: Medium to Heavy

Hunger & Homelessness
San Francisco, CA, 94109