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What is the best way to use Project -In-A-Box?

Project-In-A-Box is great for individuals, families and groups to do wherever you are. Have a Hybrid team? Project-In-A-Box is perfect for team building a remote team. Have a big event coming up and what to have a give-back activity? Project-In-A-Box is a great solution - especially when you are short on time and can’t go out into the community to give back!

How long will it take to complete my Project-In-A-Box?

The estimated times for one volunteer to complete each Project-In-A-Box is shown below:

  • Stuffed Animal Box: 30 min - 45 min
  • Herb Garden Box: 30 min - 45 min
  • Together Totes Box: 45 min - 1 hour
  • SuperHero Cape Kit Box: 45 min - 1 hour
  • NewBorn Onesies Box: 45 min - 1 hour
  • Music Journal Box: 1 hour - 1 hr 15 min
  • Wellness Journal Box: 1 hour - 1 hr 15 min
  • *No-Sew Blanket Box: 1 hours - 1 hr 30 min

* The no-sew blanket project is great for a group of 2 to 4 people to work together on. In that case it usually takes the group 45 minutes to complete a blanket.

Are there group sizes available?

Yes - HandsOn can create group size boxes for as large as you need. We have done projects for 500+. This is a great option for corporate events, wedding and birthday parties. Please keep in mind that these orders are customized and need extra time to complete. Please contact for more details about this exciting option.

Can I have HandsOn Bay Area staff members run the event for me?

Absolutely - Although Project-In-A-Box can be completely self lead with all the instructions and tools we provide, sometimes it is better for the flow of your event to have our team run the project for you. Our HandsOn Bay Area project leaders will plan, develop, and facilitate your event for you. This is especially useful for group sizes of 20 people or more. Please contact us at if you think this option would be best for your event.

Can I keep the items for myself or my family?

As a nonprofit, all of our work at HandsOn is meant to support the community. We ask that you please make sure the items you create go to benefit the community either through direct donation or by returning the items to us to deliver out to those in need. Please also keep in mind that if you keep the items it is no longer considered a tax deductible donation.

What are the delivery methods for my order?

We deliver anywhere within the Bay Area via our delivery fleet. If we are shipping to you outside the Bay Area, we will ship to you via UPS. If you are local - you are always welcome to swing by our office at 1504 Bryant Street in San Francisco to pick up and drop off the boxes - a great way to stretch your budget!

How long will it take to receive our

Project-In-A-Box order once we have paid? Don't be afraid to ask - we can sometimes meet tight timelines!

** Note: We ship to all 50 U.S States. We unfortunately don’t ship internationally due to high customs fees and unpredictable shipping timelines!

How do we pay for our Project-In-A-Box order?

Please pay online with a credit card on our website at If you need to receive an invoice or need any other consideration, please contact

Who receives the donations after our work is done?

HandsOn will donate the completed materials to a nonprofit, school or other service agency in the Bay Area. You are always welcome to donate the items to your favorite charity if they have need for the item. You can do this instead of mailing the donations back to HandsOn. Also, HandsOn can arrange for a donation in whatever community you live / work in if you purchase a group size for 20 or more people.

How will the recipient of your donation know it comes from us?

We will provide a Made-With-Love postcard for your team members to sign and give to the recipient of your donation. We include each of these signed postcards with the donation boxes that are given to the receiving organization.

Will there be instructions provided?

Yes, HandsOn Bay Area will provide you with a QR code instructions link in each box that will direct you to a set of online instructions. You can also email with any questions about project instructions.

Will I need to provide supplies?

No, each HandsOn Bay Area Project-In-A-Box contains all the necessary supplies to successfully complete the project.

Do I need any artistic skills to complete the Project-In-Box?

No special artistic skills are required to assemble our Project-In-A-Box donations. All our Project-In-A-Boxes include the necessary decorating materials and stencils to craft your donation.

What if I'm missing something?

There is a materials checklist that is included in each box that you can use as reference. It will show you the name of the item as well as the quantity included. If you are missing any items you can contact

Can I receive a Certificate of Completion for the volunteer hours completed during this project?

Yes, we can send you a Certificate of Completion for the volunteer hours completed during your project upon request. Email the request to

Is this a tax-deductible donation?

Yes! 100% (excluding shipping) of your Project in a Box payment is a donation that supports HandsOn Bay Area programs, and the items you create will benefit the community and are tax deductible as such.

Do you have examples of the types of places that receive the items we make?

Yes - here are the beneficiary sheets that will give you an idea of where the items are placed. Please keep in mind that HandsOn’s network is huge (350+ nonprofits, schools and service agencies) and we are always checking to see who needs the items most so your work may benefit a different agency. HandsOn can always tell you where the items you make will go.

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Herb Garden Kits
  • Together Totes
  • SuperHero Capes
  • NewBorn Onesies
  • Music Journals
  • Wellness Journals
  • No-Sew Blanket

What do I do with all of the tools and other materials after I am done making the items?

Please put everything back in the box and mail it back to HandsOn with the prepaid shipping label.


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