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HandsOn Bay Area's TeamWorks program is a group-based volunteering experience focused on learning and volunteering in support of a specific community issue. Teams of 10-12 volunteers work together on a series of 4-6 projects to explore issues such as hunger and homelessness, access to quality education, and environmental challenges facing the Bay Area.

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Past Series

  • Fall 2017 (San Francisco): Access to quality healthcare for all of San Francisco

  • Fall 2017 (Silicon Valley): Short Circuit - Silicon Valley's Affordable Housing Crisis

  • Summer 2017 (East Bay): Food For Thought - East Bay Resilience Through Food Justice

  • Summer 2017 (San Francisco): Calling the Bay Area Home: Immigration in San Francisco

  • Spring 2017 (East Bay): No Place to Stay in the East Bay: Effects of the Housing Crisis

  • Summer 2016 (East Bay): E-Squared: Education and Equity

  • Summer 2016 (Silicon Valley): Impact of the Tech Boom on Silicon Valley

  • Fall 2015 (Silicon Valley): Poverty in Silicon Valley and the Nonprofit Response

  • Fall 2015 (San Francisco): Explore Housing and Homelessness Challenges in San Francisco’s Communities

  • Summer 2014 (Silicon Valley): Children & Poverty, Inequality, and Technology in Silicon Valley

  • Fall 2013 (Peninsula): Children & Youth Education in the Peninsula

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Please contact Program Manager Monica Floyd at monica@handsonbayarea.org