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HandsOn TomorrowTM  Frequently Asked Questions 


How will you select participants for the program?

Once an application is received, HandsOn Bay Area staff will review and accept based on quality of the essay question answers and eligibility for the program (rising high-school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors). In reviewing applications, HandsOn Bay Area staff will also be taking team dynamics into consideration. Space is limited for this program, so be sure to enroll at your earliest convenience.

My child is starting high school in the fall - can they participate as a rising 9th grader? 

Yes! We have had plenty of rising ninth graders participate in the program, providing an awesome opportunity to work and socialize with their new peer group! 

How will you select for the scholarships?

Scholarship applications will be reviewed and awarded on a needs-basis. There are only a handful of scholarships available, so the earlier you submit your application, the better. It takes only a few minutes of your time, so if this is required for you to participate in the program, please complete the application as early as possible.

Receipt of a HandsOn Tomorrow scholarship will allow you to enroll in the program for a one time payment of $75.00. 

Is lunch included?

Yes, lunch will be provided daily for the participants. You will have the chance to advise HandsOn Bay Area Staff on any dietary restrictions you may have before enrolling in the program.

Where are all of the projects located?

Current Schedules:

Palo Alto

Walnut Creek

San Jose

San Mateo

San Francisco

San Rafael

When does the project for friends and family take place?

The friends and family project occurs on the last day of each cohort.

Are there any other costs for participating?

There are no other costs for participating. We have a stocked tool warehouse and will bring all necessary tools and supplies. Participants should come prepared to work, which means they should have sturdy, closed-toed shoes, and clothing that they are willing to get dirty. If this is something you do not already have, then that would be an extra cost for you.

Additionally, while all guests of the youth leaders will register for the family and friends project through our Community Project Calendar, there will be no activation fee required for this date, so that it is open to all of our community.

Is my enrollment fee tax-deductible?

While HandsOn Bay Area is a charitable non-profit (EIN: 77-0195144), participating youth do receive goods and services for the fee. For this reason, you can deduct 20% of the full priced enrollment fee from your taxes as charitable contributions. If awarded a scholarship, none of the $75 enrollment fee is tax-deductible.

What kind of nonprofits will host the volunteers?

In order to give a well-rounded look in to a diverse set of social sector nonprofit organizations, each hosting organization will represent a different mission. These will include organizations whose mission statements address the following social issues: Homelessness, Environment, Health & Wellness, Hunger, etc.

Each nonprofit partner will go through our screening process to be sure that they have the capacity to host high school age volunteers. 

Can I still participate if I have health/physical limitations?

Accessibility to all aspects of this program is a crucial goal for HandsOn Bay Area staff. To ensure that this goal is met, accessibility for participants with health/physical limitations will be a priority as we confirm hosting nonprofit partners for the program.

Can I participate in just one week of the program?

It is required that each participant attend the full two-week program. Each day, HandsOn Tomorrow participants will be taken through the goLEAD curriculum, and it is essential that each person is present and attentive to receive the full benefits of the experience.

What is the refund policy?

Within one month of being accepted into the program, we request a non-refundable deposit of $300 to hold your spot. Once the full $1,190 has been submitted, you can request a refund for $890 by June 1st, 2019, after which point we will be unable to fill the spot we held for the applicant.

Will there be a wait list?

Yes, once we are at capacity, we will continue to accept applicants for the wait list. As spots open up for the program, applicants will be let in to the program based on the order their application was received.

Will you offer the program at any other time?

As of 2019, this program is only offered through HandsOn Bay Area as a two week summer program. We will officially announce if there are any changes to that as the program evolves.

What if I have to miss a couple of days? Can I still participate?

Each day of the program contains a unique aspect of the goLEAD curriculum, and it would be a detriment to the participant to miss out on any aspect of the program. That said, people do get sick and have obligations that can sometimes get in the way. If you have a specific conflict that you have in mind, please bring it up with us in your application, so we can determine whether or not that would affect your eligibility to participate.

Can I get high school/college credit for this?

This varies based on what school you attend, so please ask your school guidance counselor about this. HandsOn Bay Area regularly provides documentation of volunteer hours served.

Will all of the time count towards my hours needed for high school graduation or will only the afternoon count?

Yes. All of the time that you commit to the program will count toward your volunteer requirements for high school graduation.

Will the friends & family service project be open to everyone?

Yes, the project will be open to all friends & family of each participant. Registration will be open for the project through our project calendar on our website. That said, registration numbers will have to be capped based on the capacity of the nonprofit partner.

How can I continue to stay involved in volunteering after participating in HandsOn Tomorrow?

Upon enrollment, all participants will be granted a lifelong membership to HandsOn Bay Area’s Community Project Calendar. This will allow them to continue volunteering around their busy schedules.

How do we register volunteer hours for participants?

At the end of the program, we’ll provide a letter or any other required documentation.