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handson bay area employee volunteering toolkit

employee volunteering toolkitHandsOn Bay Area Employee Volunteering Toolkit

Managing an effective Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) is fast becoming an essential part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies.

Simply put, employees want to work for a company that actively and positively benefits society. Volunteering is one of the best, and most effective way to accomplish this.

The HandsOn Bay Area Employee Volunteering Toolkit is a helpful resource for best practices and inspiring ideas to help you create and sustain an effective EVP.

Getting started

Launching an effective EVP may seem daunting but there is a wealth of helpful information and examples to incorporate into your unique strategy. The key is not to wait, start small and then learn and adjust as you go.

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Success stories

Each year, HandsOn Bay Area works with over 50 innovative companies and over 14,000 employee volunteers. Here are some great examples of long running and successful employee volunteer events and programs managed by HandsOn Bay Area:


Helpful sites & resources

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Points of Light Corporate Institute



Corporation for National and Community Service

Realized Worth


Whether you are just getting started or ready to volunteer with your company, HandsOn Bay Area is the go-to resource for all things employee volunteering. We have a range of services and programs to achieve your unique community goals. Contact us today!

Lou Reda  
Executive Director  
HandsOn Bay Area

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